This is the official website of the Adults ! World clan family for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale games.

The Adults ! World clan was founded over 6 years ago, in January 2014, with the objective to provide Adults from around the world with an active and mature Clash of Clans environment.

Clan Description

We are a friendly group of adults that enjoys a good chat while sharing troops to help one another on Clash of Clans. While we respect the importance of having a life outside the game and don’t expect our members to invest a lot of time, we do require a good level of activity which is reflected in the donation and request requirements.

Clan Structure

Our clan has a flexible and democratic 4 tier level structure:

    • 2 Leaders: Ricardo and Lisa (citibunni)
    • Council Elders: Long time and trusted elders that participate actively in the decisions regarding the clan direction and rules.
    • Clan Elders: Full role and responsibilities are described in the rules, which include contributing constructively on the day to day of the clan.
    • Clan Members
Requisites to Join
    • 21+ of Age
    • Town Hall Level 11 minimum (Not rushed)
    • Exceptions at the discretion of the leadership may be permitted, on very special occasions.
 Contact Information:

So welcome to your new Clash of Clans home, and thanks for the opportunity to build a clan on the foundation of great friendships and camaraderie that we developed through time here and in our previous clans.