As part of the clan, all member has the following rights:

  • To be protected by the clan rules.
  • To participate in our clan activities.
  • To ask for help and advice.
  • To be treated with respect and dignity.
  • To be part of a great and very active clan 🙂

To accomplish that, we are all bound by the following rules:

1. Activity:

1.1 Be active in chat, participate in the group, be polite and friendly.

1.2 Stay connected off-game through our Facebook Group and chats.

1.3 Stay familiar with the rules and read clan messages.

1.4 Please maintain the Clan minimum required league and trophies.

1.5 No gray shields are allowed 3 days after season end resets your league.

1.6 War participation is not mandatory, but both attacks are mandatory once you decide to join. Please follow the war rules for opting out (section 4 below) and update your in-game war status accordingly.

1.7 No clone accounts allowed, only one account per member.

2. Donations:

2.1 Donation requirements are set at 1000 per season. Activity is the main driver of the clan’s success. Anyone should be able to donate in an average to only 35 troops per day to be considered active.

2.2 Requests requirements are also set to 500 per season minimum. Your requests allow the rest of members to meet their quotas and keeps clan activity up. This averages to roughly one request per day, which is more than reasonable.

2.3 Apart from the minimum 500/500 balance requirement, you should follow a 2x donation ratio. Ratios over and under 2x on donations are deemed unacceptable, so both donations and requests should go hand in hand. An over ratio like 1000/500 and under ratio like 500/1000 are an example of the limit parameters.

2.4 Please follow request instructions in the request box at all times. Archers are default donation if the request is not fulfilled after 5 minutes.

2.5 When requesting troops (excluding Clan Wars CC requests), please refrain from specifying a certain level of troops. Our clan requirements eliminate low-level troops, and we need to ensure all member are able to donate and meet their quotas.

2.6 Please refrain from making specific request too often. Members requesting only Dragons or only Wizards are not taking in consideration that most members are farming, so please leave room for other alternatives, unless you are ok with getting archers after 5 minutes.

2.7 No Barbarians, Goblins or Wall Breakers unless otherwise specified.

3. Conduct:

3.1 Be polite and nice to others. Be thankful. Thank on your request and after receiving.

3.2 No spamming, foul language and fighting among clan members. No racist or any type of discriminatory language will be tolerated. Avoid criticisms towards other members war attacks.

3.3 We have a zero tolerance policy on cheats and mods. Any member found to be using external modifications or free gems cheats will be removed from the clan immediately.

4. War specific rules

4.1 War attacks are mandatory and failing to do both after deciding to opt in can result in an exclusion from the next war. Repetition of this conduct could be also a cause for dismissal.

4.2 First War attack must be made in the first 12 hours of Battle Day unless otherwise instructed. Failing to do so can result in losing your target, and exclusion from the next war. Late first attacks make war planning for second attacks more difficult and can harm our performance.  In the case of TH9s, we expect both attacks to be done as early as possible.

4.3 All attacks are planned and coordinated, no rogue attacks, no attacks for loot only, and no attacks on 3 starred bases, unless otherwise instructed. Please follow the instructions sent on War clan chat on Facebook Messenger, and on the War Live! page, where target assigned are posted.

4.4 Clan War CC is managed and decided by the leaders.

4.5 War can be started on specific numbers (50, 40, 30…). When the number of opt-ins does not match this requirement, leaders are at liberty to exclude some members to make a match (ie. if 43 opt in for war, we will need to exclude 3 to make the number 40). The discarding process will be made on overall activity, so less active members are more prone to be discarded.

4.6 You must opt out of clan wars if you don’t have your full resources available to make a prompt attack, like having heroes or spell factory upgrading.

4.7 When upgrading TH, you must opt out until your Army camps, Clan Castle and Spells Factory are upgraded to your level. Army sizes are 240 for TH10, 220 for TH9 and 200 for TH8. Clan Castle capacity of 35 for TH10 and 30 for TH9 is also required.

4.8 TH8 members benefit the most from the clan’s assistance in helping them grow. We, in return, benefit from better and more balanced war match-ups. Therefore, TH8 members are expected to avoid opting out , except under extreme circumstances.

5. Elders, promotions, and demotions

5.1 Promotions for Elders are at the discretion of the Leadership. Before asking for elder, be ready to answer what makes you deserve that position, and how will the clan benefit and be better by you being an elder.

5.2 Elders must be accessible by external communication such as Facebook group, or email.

5.3 Minimum Donation for Clan Elders: 1000 per season, with strict adherence to the 2x ratio, to maintain status.

5.4 Elders must be willing to help with Clan Wars troops, in war coordination tasks if required and in coaching and mentoring other members.

5.5 Elders will be reviewed every season. Eldership is not a permanent status.

5.6 Elders have the responsibility to be the most active members of the clan; constructively and actively mediate and moderate chat; help on new members welcome and orientation; and ensure that rules are being followed in day to day activity, like donation compliance, manners, offensive language, etc.


Question 1: Will I be kicked when my donation balance is negative (I received more than I’ve donated)?

Don`t worry. We are here to have fun. The statistic will count for 2 full weeks (once cycle), so you will have plenty of opportunities to donate during that period. Also, catching up donations is really easy. Donating ‘bigger’ troops like Dragons and Giants will help you increase your number fast.
But what happens, if after the two weeks your donation balance is still negative?
Again, no need to panic. In this case, the Leaders/Council will discuss your situation. After all, we are a family. We don’t want to kick out good members over a few troops. . .
We place importance on active members that are polite and participate in clan chat.

Question 2: How do I become an elder?

Clan Elders need to meet the requirements found on the rules page, but that does not necessarily mean you’ll be promoted. Clan Elders and Council Elders are elected with the clan needs in mind, and as a duty, not necessarily a prize. The level of activity, conciliatory team spirit, time in the clan and loyalty are the key ingredients.

Question 3: I really need Gold/Elixir… Can I drop my Trophies below the required amount as I want to go farming?

Yes, you can. As long as this drop is not permanent and you work yourself up again.
Please consider that low trophy members do not help the recruitment of good new members as it makes the Clan look less attractive in a first impression.
This might also leave you outside of the war participants list.

Question 4: How often do we participate in Clan wars?

Clan wars is a time and resource consuming exercise, and as a relaxed, adult clan, most of our members have professional and family obligations. As a result, we have decided to participate no more than twice a week, preferably over a Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday periods.
Taking all time-zones in consideration the Clan Wars will be started at 2 PM US Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).

War participation is not mandatory, feel free to opt out if you need to; but both attacks are mandatory once you decide to participate.

Please opt out if you won’t have Heroes or Spell Factory available to make a prompt attack.

Question 5: How do Leaders/Elders decide on acceptance, rejection, and kicking of members?

Our great spirit of friendship, sharing, and family comes out of everyday hard work . The wrong members and the wrong behaviors can be a threat to this great atmosphere.
Clan Leaders and Elders have unified criteria and share a common guideline to ensure we accept the right new members, and keep the right ones, and a great deal of experience too, so please trust our judgment when we make our decisions.

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